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WWE Legend's Profiles

Paul Ellering

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The Precious


Real Name:  Paul Ellering
Height:  5'10"
Weight:  195 pounds
Hometown:  Grey Eagle, Minnesota
Finishing Move:  N/A
Signature Move:  N/A
Career Highlights:  WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2011 Inductee, Former Manager of Road Warrior Animal, Former Manager of Road Warrior Hawk, Former Manager of Arn Anderson, Former Manager of Jake "the snake" Roberts, Former Manager of King Kong Bundy, Former Manager of Matt Borne, Former Manager of Jos LeDuc, Former Manager of The Spoiler, Former Manager of The Iron Sheik, Former Manager of Abdullah the Butcher, Former Manager of Buzz Sawyer, Former Manager of Killer Karl Krupp, Former Manager of Skull, and Former Manager of 8-Ball

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